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Life does not have a recipe. Then why should you serve up your next business, book, or song following someone else’s recipe?

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Benji B tells the story of hip-hop legend Q-Tip - founding member of A Tribe Called Quest. Hear from Q-Tip at length as well as Pharrell, Nas, The Pharcyde and more.

Full show & tracklist available here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b047759k

*Contains language which may offend*

My first post on Tumblr was a Q-Tip track

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Blog Spotlight: Lindsay Gabler

At Storyware, we love seeing how people use Tumblr to share their passions, express their views, and promote worthy causes. And we’re humbled that many of them choose our themes to help them tell their stories.

We had the opportunity to talk with Lindsay Gabler - lndsygblr, the woman in charge of social media for The Grammys. Lindsay talked with us about what social media means to her and the kinds of things she posts to her Tumblr, which uses our Single A theme.

1) How does being a social media professional affect how you approach your personal social media channels?

Working in social media, it is important for me to not just have accounts on the various social platforms, but to be active. Each platform has a different community and I find that I do my job the best when I truly understand how and why users engage with different content. I am blown away with people who work in social media that are not active on their own personal accounts.

2) How do you decide which social media outlets to use, and which to pass on?

I love learning about new platforms and understanding what makes them really stick with users. Therefore, I at least try out new platforms, but there are only a few that I use daily. The way I decide on which platforms to use is if I am inspired by the content and/or community of each.

3) Why Tumblr?

The Tumblr community is incredibly creative and thoughtful. It is not the same content you find users engaging with on other platforms. I am constantly energized by the way users tell stories and how they utilize text and media to communicate. For me, Facebook is more for personal messages and stories and Twitter focuses on my love of music and technology. Tumblr allows me to be more playful and showcase a variety of my hobbies and inspirations through images, GIFs, quotes, anecdotes, news excerpts and more. By default, Tumblr users are creators.

4) What do you want people to know about you when they visit your site?

I want people to get an idea of what moves and inspires me, what music I love, what makes me laugh, and my food cravings. I hope that people can find joy in the content I share, just as I feel about those that I follow. One day I’m posting about a new digital trend and the next I’m posting a GIF of a grilled cheese sandwich being made. How can you not love a grilled cheese?

4) Your thoughts on the resilience of the animated gif?

GIFs are the perfect bite size piece of content for the limited attention span we have in today’s culture. I find myself constantly skimming. Skimming over articles, through my Twitter timeline, fast forwarding videos, just long enough to get the theme and/or idea. GIFs are able to deliver these messages in seconds.

5) Do you have a favorite gif that makes you crack up every time?

I find myself pulling this GIF up whenever I need a laugh, it gets me every time.

Dog on a jet ski

6) Why did you choose Single A for your theme?

When looking for a Tumblr theme, I wanted a two column format and one that was clean and simple that could serve as my website. I also wanted a theme that pulled in my Tweets and showcased links to my other social channels, both of which Single A showcases. In addition, I wanted my ‘Likes’ to be displayed on the right hand column. This fit all my needs and wants.


Check out Lindsay’s blog here.

Our demo blog for Single A is available here.

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